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Community Partners

Birds of a Feather is a project of The Children Are Our Future, a non-profit organization committed to inspiring transformational leadership. Their vision is an inter-generational community in which youth are valued, respected, and honored by a collaborative support system of adults who are organized and trained to help them realize their potential.


In May of 2022, Birds of a Feather was awarded a Diversity Partnership Grant from The Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County. With this grant, Birds of a Feather offered over 150 individualized grant-supported tutoring sessions during the 2022-23 school year and forged new collaborative partnerships with Tierra Pacifica Charter School, Alternative Family Education, and The Diversity Center. Through these partnerships, Birds of a Feather was able to provide highly-attuned academic support to LGBTQ+ students from diverse backgrounds and collaborate with teachers to provide meaningful, real-time support for their LGBTQ+ students.

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