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I use a variety of strategies to support students. Having taught everything from preschool to sixth grade language arts, I draw on a variety of curricula and learning frameworks to offer students the support they need.  I aim to give students tools they can use throughout their educational life from formal school settings to personal passions.

Reading & Writing

Lucy Calkins Reading and Writing: Awakens the reader and writer within through an awareness of other readers'/writers' crafts, choices, and structures

Math & Science

Marilyn Burns Math: Focuses on learning to think, reason, solve problems, and, at the same time, develop an appreciation of and an interest in mathematics.

John Muir Laws Nature Journaling: The sentences frames used here to observe nature, "I notice..., I wonder..., It reminds me of..."  are applicable to other areas of study. 

Communication & Social Skills

NonViolent Communication- Marshall Rosenberg Life Enriching Education: Teachers and students work in partnership to establish goals and objectives that support natural curiosity and joy in learning

Mathketball-- a fun way to shoot hoops and practice converting fractions, decimals, and percents!

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